About David

Retired District Attorney David Roger has worked with police officers for over 34 years. After his retirement, David was recruited and hired by the Las Vegas Police Protection Association. As General Counsel, David represents approximately 3000 Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officers, Las Vegas City Marshals, and Municipal Court Marshals. David is also associated with the law firm of Sgro & Roger. David is available to consult with officers on all legal issues. This website is intended to be a legal resource for law enforcement officers. Because interpretations of the law may vary, you are encouraged to review these opinions with your department administration and legal counsel.

Legal Resources

I hope that you will find this website helpful with researching legal issues you may face as a police officer. The Law Library section includes various links to legal websites. You will be able to access state statutes, city and county ordinances, federal codes and legal search engines.

The Legal Opinion area catalogs research memos. LVMPD has given me permission to post a digital copy of its Criminal Offense Handbook.

The video section provides an index and links to all of our YouTube videos.

We also created a mobile version of this site for easy access on your smartphone.

Finally, please contact me with your legal issues. I will attempt to answer your questions and provide referrals to lawyers if I am unable to represent you.